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Grit, a Williamsport Pa newspaper, contained a weekly story section.
This story paper published in New York by  Frank Tousey was a continuation of the paper Boys of New York.   Approximate dates ran from 1894-1924 with around 1563 issues, some of which reprinted stories from the Boys of New York.
This Augusta, Maine newspaper was published by P.O. Vickery and contained serial fiction and colorful ads.
This collection contains issues of Home Circle, a Boston story paper, published by F. Gleason.
This collection contains issues of a heavily-illustrated 19th-century New York newspaper. The Illustrated News was acquired by Gleason’s Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion in 1853. See the Gleason's Pictorial Collection here.

This series of booklets, designed for educational use by grade school students, includes both fiction and non-fiction titles.
Previous title: Wallace's farmer (Des Moines, Iowa : 1898).
Previous title: Wallace's farmer and Iowa homestead.
Began with: vol. 55, no. 5 (Feb. 3, 1910).
Ceased with: vol. 74, no. 42, (Oct. 19, 1929)?
This Dublin published story paper contains serial fiction, poetry, and humor.  Often issued with a color plate.  Digitization status: complete.
This series of small pamphlets contains a mix of fiction and non-fiction, published circa 1900. The series has no official title printed on the pamphlets, but each is numbered. Much (possibly all) of the content is identical to that found in the Multum in Parvo Library produced starting in January 1894 by A. B. Courtney and other publishers, but the "Multum in Parvo" name is not found on these versions. The publisher of these editions is presumed to be John Regan of Chicago based on advertising found within the pamphlets. In all likelihood, John Regan published the untitled and undated but numbered 5 Cent Pamphlets contained in this collection sometime between 1900 and 1917.
This collection contains issues of the long-running French illustrated newspaper.