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This twelve book series published by the Great Aim Society of Pittsburgh, PA aims to describe personality traits by individual birth month.  
This collection contains issues from Aldine's Robin Hood Library. These titles were reprinted several times, sometimes with cover changes. This collection contains representative samples from different runs of the series.
This collection brings together the popular literature German language New York published Catholic magazine: Alte und neue Welt: illustriertes katholisches Familienblatt zur Unterhaltung und Belehrung, which is a general interest periodical for German Catholic settlers: an "illustrated catholic monthly magazine of entertainment and teaching." The items include stories, articles about travel, history and the arts, essays on religious themes.  A sample of well known authors includes: Oscar Fraas, Gustav Schwab, Hendrik Conscience, Hoffmann von Fallersleben, Franz Kugler, Wilhelm Herchenbach, and Gall Morel.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.
The Boston Cultivator was a successful New England agricultural paper which ran from the late 1830's until well after the Civil War. In addition to a primary focus on farming-related matters, the paper also devoted considerable space to material of general interest to the family, including regional news, advice columns, serialized fiction and poetry. Much of the content was original to the paper, but material was also reprinted from other publications, both domestic and international.