This collection contains popular non-fiction titles, many from dime novel publishers, representing the sort of instructional and educational materials available to consumers of dime novels.
Please note some of the items in this historical collection may include outdated language and imagery that is insensitive, offensive, or which does not reflect the current values of Villanova University.  No endorsement is implied.

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This twelve book series published by the Great Aim Society of Pittsburgh, PA aims to describe personality traits by individual birth month.  
This series of booklets, designed for educational use by grade school students, includes both fiction and non-fiction titles.
This series of small pamphlets contains a mix of fiction and non-fiction, published circa 1900. The series has no official title printed on the pamphlets, but each is numbered. Much (possibly all) of the content is identical to that found in the Multum in Parvo Library produced starting in January 1894 by A. B. Courtney and other publishers, but the "Multum in Parvo" name is not found on these versions. The publisher of these editions is presumed to be John Regan of Chicago based on advertising found within the pamphlets. In all likelihood, John Regan published the untitled and undated but numbered 5 Cent Pamphlets contained in this collection sometime between 1900 and 1917.
This early reprint library contained a mix of fiction and non-fiction.
This collection contains non-fiction titles that are not part of a series or which represent the sole available specimens of series.
This series of chapbooks, self-described as the "Smallest Magazine in the World," contained a variety of fiction and non-fiction content. It was later reprinted anonymously and without a series title under different covers; these are collected here as the John Regan Five Cent Pamphlets, though the attribution of John Regan as publisher is purely speculative.