This collection contains dime novels, nickel weeklies, reprint libraries (some of which contain both fiction and non-fiction but are collected here), and related popular fiction titles from the dime novel era (1860-1915).  Some representative precursors (penny dreadfuls and Yellowbacks) are also included, along with international translations and imitations, some dating later than 1915.

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This series consists of French translations from the English Claude Duval series.
This reprint library is the German-language equivalent to The Seaside Library.
This Czech "dime novel" - roughly translated as "Adventure World" - covered stories of science fiction and adventure.   Starting in 1927 and running until 1938, this was a popular Czech title for adults and children.
This collection contains volumes from the French-language Ethel King series (translated from the original German Ethel King : Ein weiblicher Sherlock Holmes), describing the adventures of a Philadelphia detective marketed as "the female Nick Carter."
Also includes the reprint library "Harper's Franklin Square Library".
This series of booklets, designed for educational use by grade school students, includes both fiction and non-fiction titles.