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Inscribed on front cover: "For Father Philip Lariscy, O.S.A. of pp. 6.8.9, 15, 43" Inscribed on title page: "To Thomas G. Middleton O.S.A. from Rev. Wm McNulty, pastor of St. John's Church, Paterson, N.J. 1884 May 14" 67 p. OE BX290.2.A2 1883

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Full TitleHistory of the Catholic Church in Paterson, N.J., with an account of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of St. John's Church.
Author Shriner, Charles A. (Charles Anthony), 1853-1945.
Date Added 10 January 2014
Language English
Publish Date 1883
Publisher Paterson, N. J. : Press Printing and Publishing Company
Source Catholica