This collection documents the trees on the campus of Villanova University.

Information about the tree species has mostly been gathered from The Sibley Guide to Trees, the USDA PLANTS database, the Integrated Taxonomic Information System, and Wikipedia. Latitude and longitude coordinates are approximations taken from Google Maps. For a visual placement of the trees, we have created a custom map on Google Maps.

Digitization Status: Ongoing.

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This subcollection documents the history of the Arboretum Villanova, which was dedicated on April 28, 1993 as part of the University's 150th anniversary celebrations. Villanova's official arboretum status has since been discontinued.
Trees in Spring (March, April, May).
Trees in Summer (June, July, August).
Trees in Autumn / Fall (September, October, November).
Trees in Winter (December, January, February).
Landscape photos of the campus, putting the trees in their visual context.