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Newspapers, periodicals, and serials from the collection of Joseph McGarrity.

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A monthly Irish periodical, started in 1907.
This Belfast published literary journal was edited by Alice L. Milligan and covered the Irish Language revival news and commentary and fiction.  
This 1922 weekly newspaper published was published in Dublin.  Digitization: complete for all held issues.
Selected issues only.  This 1922-1923 newspaper covered the Irish Civil War.
Weekly Irish periodical, the United Irishman's run went from Vol. 1. No. 1 (February 12, 1848)- Vol. 1. No. 16 (May 27, 1848) it was succeeded by the Irish Felon. Title from caption, publisher from colophon.
This Irish newspaper was published in New York by John Mitchel. Issues date between 1854-1856.
Here are selected volumes and issues of this Irish political, social, and literary magazine.
This Dublin newspaper was published from 1863-1865 by John Haltigan.  Founded by James Stephens as the official organ of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. It was edited by John O'Leary and the chief contributors were Charles J. Kickham and Thomas Clarke Luby. It was suppressed in September 1865.
World War One era periodical "published, under the editorship of George Sylvester Viereck, by 'Hilfverein deutscher frauen' ... organized for the purpose of aiding the needy children of ...soldiers in the German army."
Villanova copy missing issue nos. 64 & 66.
This Belfast news magazine published by the Republican Press contained English and Irish text and was printed from 1906 to 1907.
Villanova has scattered holdings between Saturday May 28, 1831 and Tuesday December 18, 1832.  Digitization status: ongoing.
v. 11-14 of this Irish language periodical, published in Dublin by the Gaelic Union and later the Gaelic League. 
This Boston published magazine was "devoted to the language, literature, history, music and pastimes of the Gael."   A significant portion of the content is in the Irish language; book reviews and correspondence are included in each issue.