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OM II 3/7/2. Includes typescripts of the poems: "A Call to Action"; "Another Day"; "England's Ships"; "The Sigh"; "Prayer"; "Mismated"; "Disillusionment"; "Have You?"; "Why?"; "Caution"; "A Wish"; "An April Eve"; "Love"; "Christmas Eve"; "Scandel"; "Vanished Hopes"; "Birthday Greetings"; "Squibs"; "Another Day"; "To A Friend of Casement"; "Joe Plunket"; "To Kathleen"; "A Valentine"; "The Chiding Hand"; "To A Friend"; "Come Back Again"; "Changed"; "A Litany"; "My Prayer"; "A Wish"; "Changed". Some pages have marks and notes in pencil.

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Full TitleTypescripts, Loose Collection of Poems by Joseph McGarrity, [n.d.].
Author McGarrity, Joseph, 1874-1940.
Date Added 11 January 2014
Language English
Source McGarrity Papers