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OM II 3/3/21 Front displays: "Joseph McGarrity who died in 1940 will be long honored and remembered as one of the great leaders of the Irish cause in America. During the critical Irish Revolutionary period, he went to and from Ireland many times, devoting his thought, his energy and his personal fortune to the struggle. Out of these stirring years come many of the ballads contained in Celtic Moods and Memories . . ."

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Full TitlePartial Dust Jacket: "Celtic Moods and Memories By Joseph McGarrity," The Devin-Adair Company, New York, [n.d.].
Date Added 11 January 2014
Language English
Publish Date [n.d.]
Publisher New York : The Devin-Adair Company.
Source McGarrity Papers
Topic McGarrity, Joseph, 1874-1940. Celtic Moods & Memories.