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OM II 3/3/20 Advertisement displays: "Published by Devin Adair Co., Foreword by Padric Colum, Special volume beautifully designed throughout. Orders can be sent to: McGinn, 2211 West Tioga St., Philadelphia; C. F. Neenan, 2010 South Frazer St., Philadelphia." Handwritten notation on back of clipping, "Irish World, August 15, 1942." Clipping is damaged.

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Full TitleAdvertisement, Newspaper Clipping: "'Celtic Moods & Memories,' by the Late Joe McGarrity," in the [Irish World], [August 15, 1942].
Date Added 11 January 2014
Language English
Publish Date [1942-08-15]
Publisher [New York [N.Y.] : Irish World and American Industrial Liberator Co.]
Source McGarrity Papers