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OM II 5/4/7 Cover, ". . .No. 8. 1921. . . . including A Beckett Comic History -- Beauties of England and Wales -- Belzoni Egypt -- Besant's London (12 vols.) --Bryan's Dictionary of Painters -- Burney's Cecilia (1st edition ) -- Cartwright's Views in Ionian Islands -- Children's Encyclopaedia -- Clarendon's Rebellion -- Collection of Autographs -- Gairdner Paston Letters . . Combridges (C.F. Cook) 70, Church Rd., Hove, Sussex, England. Libraries and Parcels of Books purchased for Cash." march171

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Full TitlePrinted, "Catalogue of Recently Purchased Second-hand Books, (Ancient and Modern)," 1921.
Author Cook, Charles F.
Date Added 11 January 2014
Language English
Publish Date 1921
Publisher Combridges: Hove, England.
Source McGarrity Papers