BS135.5 1885. lxxxi p. : ill. (woodcuts); 21 cm. This edition consists of three hundred and seventy-five copies, printed for America by Unwin Brothers, of London, England. Library's copy is no. 27. Title in red and black. Woodcuts are German, possibly from Nuremberg, of the 15th century. They have not been found in any other text of the period and are published for the first time here. Bound in vellum. Stamped in gold. Clasps.

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Full TitleBiblia pauperum : conteynynge thirty and eight wodecuttes illustrating the liif, parablis, and miraclis offe oure blessid Lord & Saviour Jhesus Crist, with proper descrypciouns therof extracted fro the originall texte offe Iohn Wiclif / preface by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
Date Added 13 January 2014
Language English
Publish Date 1885
Publisher New York : A.C. Armstrong & Son.
Source Susan Dunleavy collection of biblical literature. LaSalle University, Connelly Library, Department of Special Collections.
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