Philadelphia Ceili Group

The Philadelphia Ceili Group is devoted to the promotion and perpetuation of Irish music, dance and culture in Philadelphia and throughout the Greater Delaware Valley. Villanova University's Digital Library archives the music of the Group's past festivals and makes Irish song and dance freely available to the community in inline audio and video and downloadable formats.   

The tape archives of the Philadelphia Ceili Group are significant in their documentation of traditional Irish and Irish American music. Performers include prominent members of the musical profession in Ireland and America. In addition to providing information on how such music is performed through the recording of concerts and festivals, the tapes of workshops and concerts document the connections between music in the old country and the new, and the development and transformation of traditional Irish playing styles in the transfer to the United States. The lectures given by historians and folklorists shed light on the history of the Irish in Ireland and America as well as on particular aspects of Irish culture. The tapes span the years 1977 – 1996. For more information, see the Inventory of The Philadelphia Ceili Group Tape Archives
Digitization status: Ongoing

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Here are audio and video recordings from the annual Traditional Irish Music and Dance Festivals put on by the Philadelphia Ceili Group.
Here are audio recordings of events sponsored by the Philadelphia Ceili Group.