Flora, Fauna, and the Human Form

Included here are biological and natural history studies depicting plant and animal forms, including works on herbs, insects, human physiognomy, genetics, and eugenics. This collection also includes works by and about Gregor Mendel.  Digitiation Status: Ongoing.

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Includes both volumes of Botanologia: The English Herbal or History of Plants.
Here is the multi-volume French language natural science reference work published in 1855. Includes colored plates.
Here are from the Mendel Collection including works by, and about, Gregor Johann Mendel, O.S.A. (1822-1884), Augustinian Friar and scientist as well as materials on early genetics and science. Mendel  is known as the founder of genetics due to his study of the inheritance of characteristics in pea plants, but was also a meteorologist, a botanist, a bee keeper, church administrator, and banker.
Here are the volumes of Johann Caspar Lavater's Essays on physiognomy.