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This collection brings all newspapers that have more than one digitized issue together in a list.

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This 1922 weekly newspaper published was published in Dublin.  Digitization: complete for all held issues.
Selected issues only.  This 1922-1923 newspaper covered the Irish Civil War.
Issues of the late 19th-/early 20th-century French periodical Le Théatre.
Digitization status: ongoing.

The weekly newspaper of record for Ardmore Pennsylvania, and covering the main line and other neighboring communities.  Includes local news, regional news, reprinted national news, as well as local advertising and classified ads.  Digitization status: all available content completed:  1904-6, 1907 (partial),  1909-12, 1913 (partial), 1914-1918 available.
Vol. I, No. 3 to Vol. II, No. 3 (1915-1916) ; Vol. III, No. 2 to Vol IV, No. 8 (1917-1919) ; Vol. IV, No. 10 to Vol. V No. 3 (1919-1920).

This collection gathers together issues of the newspaper The Catholic Herald, published in Philadelphia from 1833 under a variety of titles. These materials are owned by the American Catholic Historical Society and maintained at the Catholic Historical Research Center of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (CHRC) 6740 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19149. For more information please see: http://www.chrc-phila.org/
Digitization status: Ongoing.
Selected issues of the Catholic Standard and Times.  Digitization status: ongoing.
Full title: Chambers's London Journal of History, Literature, Poetry, Biography, & Adventure.   Digitization status: complete.
This Irish newspaper was published in New York by John Mitchel. Issues date between 1854-1856.
This was the local organ of the Clan-na-Gael in the Philadelphia region.   Contains local Philadelphia Irish news, adverts, editorial commentary, and news of Ireland.  Villanova owns: No. 2 July 4, 1902; Vol. 33 February 18, 1910; Vol. 24 February 24, 1912; Vol. 34 June 24, 1911; Vol. 25 February 22, 1913; Vol. 27 June 27, 1914; Vol. 28 November 21, 1914; Vol. 28 February 27, 1915; Volume 28 June 27, 1915; Vol. 29 June 25, 1916; Vol. 30 October 22, 1916; Vol. 30 July 4, 1917; Vol. 7 no. 9 March 1, 1918. 
This Federalist Boston newspaper was published from 1790–1840.  Includes issues titled:
"Columbian Centinel & Massachusetts Federalist", "Columbian Centinel", " Columbian Centinel Extra", and "Centinel Advertising Supplement".