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This collection contains materials owned by our partner La Salle University, focusing on materials from the Susan Dunleavy Collection of Biblical Literature. These materials are maintained by the Connelly Library Department of Special Collections, 1900 W. Olney Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19141. For more information please visit:

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The Susan Dunleavy Collection of Biblical Literature brings together a wealth of illustrated bibles from the 16th century to the present. Established in 1978, the original focus of the collection paid special emphasis to the 16th century woodcut Bibles, however, the Collection broadened over the years to develop materials for the history of English translations of the Bible and of the lively controversies that took place before the present period of ecumenical agreement about the text and the meaning of the Scripture. Highlights of the collection include the first Bible printed in English (Coverdale, 1535) and first editions of the "Breeches" or Geneva Bible, of the Rheims (1582), Douai (1609), and King James (1611) versions – and their later revisions. For more information please visit:
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