The German Society of Pennsylvania

Founded in 1764, The German Society of Pennsylvania is America’s oldest German organization. Its Joseph P. Horner Memorial Library, housed in a beautiful 19th century reading room, holds one of the largest private collections of German-language books in the U.S. The German American Collection contains a wealth of material documenting all aspects of German American life, beginning with the first settlers in Germantown in 1683. In addition to books, the library houses sizable collections of 19th century Philadelphia German newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, and manuscripts. The online catalog can be viewed at:  For more information, please visit:  For finding aids to these collections, click here.

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This German language weekly news magazine was published for German-speaking Americans to keep them abreast of world news starting in the Great World War and continuing into the post-war period. Issues contain photos, maps, musical lyrics and scores.
The Deutschwehr was a charitable society dedicated to war relief work during the Great War.  The society maintained an active soup kitchen in Berlin during the conflict, largely funded by German Americans from Pennsylvania, as well as clothing and food relief. 
1914-1920.  Ephemera.  Digitization status: ongoing.
Weekly.  Price: 5 cents. Continuous pagination. Preceded by: Viereck's new world. Succeeded by: American monthly (New York, N.Y. : 1920).

Published in connection with a group of German sailors interned at the Norfolk Navy Yard in Portsmouth, Va., from the German ships Kronprinz Wilhelm and Prinz Eitel Friedrich, in spring 1915. Around December 1916 the ships and crews were transferred to Philadelphia. Contains news, humor, anecdotes, announcements, advertisements, letters to the editor, literary contributions. Proceeds benefited the Fond für erblindete Krieger in Deutschland; some issues contain donor lists.

The German Society of Pennsylvania's Horner Library has No. 107, 122-128 (2 Sept. 1916; 16 Dec. 1916 - 27 Jan. 1917).