Great War

This collection brings together materials related to World War I and the immediate aftermath. It includes letters created by, sent to, and about Americans and American participation in the conflict as well as other materials from other fronts and belligerents. This collection includes: letters, drawings, photographs, artwork, scrapbooks, and postcards. See also: Joseph McGarrity Collection for additional Great War materials.

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Comprises the archives of the Millers Mechanical Shows (concentrating on the primary mechanical Battlefield reproduction of WWI trench warfare act).  Including Miller family photographs and papers, the Millers Mechanical Shows, founded by John E. Miller and son Clifford M. Miller,  traveled the United States showing their miniature reenactments, including the first act "Industrial City", and later "Battlefield" - a reenactment of World War I.  Also including photographs and other materials from travels and circus tours and other acts including shows at: Jacksonville, Key West, Daytona, and St Augustine in 1917, also Virginia, North Carolina, Wyoming, Colorado, and Regina, Saskatchewa, Canada. Additional albums contain photographs for trips to Pikes Peak,  and the Cheyenne Frontier Days.  Digitization status: ongoing.
Letters and cards belonging to Gefreiter Möllering from 2. Batterie, Regiment 13 while he was in 199. Infant. Div. / 20. Infant. Div. / 28. Infant. Div. / 19. Reserve Div. / 6. Kavallerie. Div. / 4. Kavallerie Div. Dated between 1916-1918, includes a machine gun tactics book with his name on it and a period photo and scrapbook.
Collection of 50 postcards (34 with writing and 16 blank) and 1 hand-drawn pencil and ink drawing. Most postcards with writing on them are from Edward Douglas Forman, 29th Division 116th Infantry AEF, WWI France to his girlfriend, Mae C. Kaiser (whom he married after the war).
Digitization status: Complete.
A podcast of news, letters, and stories from the Great War.
This collection brings together the 2 volumes of scrapbooks created by Frank R. Steed. The scrapbooks contain materials including: programs, documents, postcards, tickets, maps, and photographs. Steed served in the US Army at Fort Dix, New Jersey and in France. Dates noted in the scrapbooks range from May 1918 to November 1919.
Digitization status: complete.
Archive of Arthur Evanson Glanville, a young Irish man who served with the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 4th Battalion, in the Great War, who reached the rank of Captain, was captured by the Germans during the Spring Offensive Campaign and held in Rastatt (Baden) as a Prisoner of War for a period of seven months, comprising manuscript wartime letters, a pencil drawing of an underground shelter, two original telegraphs, a manuscript fair journal describing his time in captivity, three newspaper clippings in which he is mentioned, original photographs, and army documents pertaining to POW rations sent to Germany.