This collection contains story papers, pre-pulp fiction magazines and other periodicals related to the other Dime Novel and Popular Literature subcollections.

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Previous title: Wallace's farmer (Des Moines, Iowa : 1898).
Previous title: Wallace's farmer and Iowa homestead.
Began with: vol. 55, no. 5 (Feb. 3, 1910).
Ceased with: vol. 74, no. 42, (Oct. 19, 1929)?
This Dublin published story paper contains serial fiction, poetry, and humor.  Often issued with a color plate.  Digitization status: ongoing.
This collection contains issues of the long-running French illustrated newspaper.
Includes issues from Leslie's weekly.  Coverage for issues from WWI (1917-1918).  Digitization status: ongoing.
Began with issue for Jan. 13, 1915 ; ceased with issue for Jan. 1924.
Issued weekly until the end of 1920; monthly from 1921 to 1924.
On cover, until 1922: A real boys' magazine.
On cover, beginning in 1922: The white boys' magazine.
This continuously paginated New York published paper contained a mix of serial fiction, news, and commercial advertising. It eventually merged with the New York Vindicator.
This collection contains single issues of periodicals. Periodicals with multiple issues available are given their own separate collections.
This weekly New York paper contained a mixture of literature and news. It periodically published complete novels as supplemental issues.
This collection contains issues of the New York Fireside Companion.  An illustrated story paper newspaper with a stable of exclusive authors. 
This collection contains issues of the New York Herald.   Special issues highlight the death and mourning of American Presidents.
This New York paper was published weekly under a succeeding number of publishers and with a variety of subtitles.  All are collected here. 
This collection contains the Civil War era New York newspaper, the New York Tablet.
This periodical from Augusta, Maine was, according to its masthead, "devoted to useful information, instruction and entertainment for boys and girls and young people generaly, also for older people who have young hearts." It ran for three volumes, beginning October 1, 1871 and ceasing December 15, 1873.
This London published periodical ran from  1861-1913.  Each issue brought news from the capital and around the Empire, especially political and military news.  Especially noteworthy are the large plates.