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The weekly newspaper of record for Ardmore Pennsylvania, and covering the main line and other neighboring communities.  Includes local news, regional news, reprinted national news, as well as local advertising and classified ads.  Digitization status: all available content completed:  1904-6, 1907 (partial),  1909-12, 1913 (partial), 1914-1918 available.
This temperance newspaper covered Pennsylvania Bucks and Montgomery Counties, and was published in Doylestown and  Norristown, Pennsylvania.   It spanned the years 1842-1859 and was largely a weekly periodical.   Varient names include:  "Olive branch and herald of reform", "Olive branch and Bucks County temperance herald", "Olive branch and general herald of temperance, news, miscellany, &c", "Olive branch and Bucks and Montgomery County temperance herald". Digitization status: completed.
Several issues of this New York published newspaper are available from 1852.
The National Defender began as a newspaper for the American party. Advertising itself as “A family newspaper, devoted to the perpetuation of the Union and the American cause,” The National Defender initially served the Philadelphia and the Norristown areas, but had changes in publisher and publication location and coverage. The newspaper contains numerous articles that denounce Catholicism and stress the threat of urbanization and immigration. It provided national as well as local political news, and eventually, news of the Civil War as it progressed. Poems, fictionalized stories, and morality tales feature prominently, most of which discuss the proper social locations and roles of women, and laud morality, chastity, and obedience. Many of these same narratives are patriotic, and include racist portrayals of African Americans or Irish immigrants.   Digital Status: ongoing.