Sherman Thackara Collection

The correspondence in this collection contains courtship letters exchanged between Eleanor Sherman and Alexander M. Thackara, letters from Eleanor to her father, General William Tecumseh Sherman, frequently referencing public events and personalities. Another feature of the correspondence that calls for special attention is the local color and references to many individuals, events, and institutions of Philadelphia and the Main Line in the 1880's and 1890's. A unique part of the collection is A. M. Thackara's correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia relating to his years at Annapolis up until his marriage. Here can be found an unusual first-hand picture of Navy life in the post-Civil War period. Click here for a Guide and Finding Aid to most materials in this collection.  Digitization Status: Completed.  See also: the William T. Sherman Correspondence Collection

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Here are the three parts of Mrs. E. S. Thackara's article on her trip to Canada published in the New York Ledger, v. 47, 1891.