Dime Novel and Popular Literature

This collection brings together pre-Pulp era tales initially depicting scenes of early America, the Frontier, and the West. Ranging roughly from 1860 to 1930 these often serial publications record the attitudes of 19th and early 20th Century society: including racist, sexist, and ethnic stereotypes.  Also included in the collection are the precursors to "Dime Novels", known as "Story Papers", Mass Market Literature - containing non-fiction texts, some of which are manifested as textual series - in a variety of subjects - including "self-help" and "how-to" titles, and medical cures, and International Dime Novels - both translations of English language original texts, as well as native creations.  Digitization status: ongoing.

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This collection brings all series that have more than one member together in a list.
This collection contains covers, illustrations, series title lists, and advertisements drawn from works. Digitization status: ongoing.
This collection contains dime novels, nickel weeklies, reprint libraries (some of which contain both fiction and non-fiction but are collected here), and related popular fiction titles from the dime novel era (1860-1915).  Some representative precursors (penny dreadfuls and Yellowbacks) are also included, along with international translations and imitations, some dating later than 1915.
This collection contains popular non-fiction titles, many from dime novel publishers, representing the sort of instructional and educational materials available to consumers of dime novels.
This collection contains story papers, pre-pulp fiction magazines and other periodicals related to the other Dime Novel and Popular Literature subcollections. For primarily news-oriented publications, see also the Newspapers collection.
This collection contains scholarship about dime novels and popular literature. Notable specimens include oral history and bibliographies.
Digitization status: ongoing.

The Spare Change Library is the dime novel and popular literature podcast, featuring audio editions of stories, as well as scholarship. The podcast is broken into "substreams" based on the content. We currently have two of these substreams: Mittie's Storytime (fiction) and Professor M's Lecture Series (scholarship). These are all available through a shared RSS feed on dimenovels.org.

The Spare Change Library is produced by Lancelot Darling & Friends (named after the hero of Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller's The Bride of the Tomb). For glimpses of behind-the-scenes action, check out the production blog.

This collection contains ephemera, primary source documents and other miscellaneous materials peripherally related to dime novels and popular literature.