Series VII Sarah Barry Hayes

The Sarah Barry Hayes series contains 68 letters dating between 1814 and 1820. The letters to Sarah Barry Hayes from her friends and family are personal. The family correspondence was written during Sarah's trips to New York, Alexandria and Havana. The letters document Sarah Barry's trip to Havana in 1817, and her 1819 trip to Alexandria to visit Harriet Cottringer, a friend. At least one fourth of the letters within the non-family correspondence stem from the Moran family and these are written in Spanish. Another grouping with the series are the letters written by Harriet Cottringer to her best friend Sarah from Alexandria, Virginia where Miss Cottringer's family operated a boarding school. The Cottringer letters are strong on descriptions of the city of Alexandria and its social life.
See our page Barry-Hayes Family Trees for more information on the familial relationships in this series.

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