The Barry-Hayes Papers are the business, political and personal papers of John Barry, Captain of the United States Navy, and of his family, especially his nephew Patrick Hayes and grand-nephew, Patrick Barry Hayes. The collection includes correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, logbooks, legal and financial papers related to Barry's career in the Navy, the business ventures of the Hayes, Keen and Somers families, and their personal lives.

For information about preservation, access, and use of this historic collection visit the Barry-Hayes Papers project page. You can view the Independence Seaport Museum's online finding aids, including one for the Barry-Hayes Papers, here.

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This small collection contains letter received by Narcisso Moran in 1818.

This small collection contains fragmented deed, a veria copia, with assigned to William Penn dated as 17??

This small collection contains an account book for blacksmithing by Joab Pricket, 1795.

This small collection contains a bond held by Jennett and Joseph Sawings, 1790.

This small collection contains a Letter of Adminstration for the Estate of Caleb Scull, 1783.

This small collection contains a legal and financial papers by Philip Scull, 1754, 1772-1773, 1779.

This small collection contains correspondence, bills and receipts for Constant Somers.

This small collection contains a deed, bills and receipts, and accounts related to Job Somers (I).

This collection contains an indenture agreement for Job Somers (II).

This collection contains accounts, receipts, an indenture agreement and selection of town officers related to John Somers.

This brief series contains a marriage license, in 1761, Richard Somers and Sophia Stillwell.

This small collection contains bills and receipts, surveys, letters, and inventory of his estate for Richard Somers. Somers lived in ‘Greater Egg Harbour,’ New Jersey, who performed surveys of the land in Western New Jersey prior to the Revolutionary War from warrants issued by the Surveyor General and Council of Proprietors of the Western Division of New Jersey.  This series highlights a rich collection of materials providing insight into the daily business life of a merchant from the late 18th century.

This brief series contains receipts to Richard Somers from 1797.

This brief series contains a letter by Sarah Somers and receipts from 1795-1796.

This series contains a Seaman's Protection Certificate issued by the Port of Philadelphia to William Ware in 1809.

This series contains accounts, receipts, invoices, bills of lading, crew lists, insurance policies, and memoranda pertaining to ships in which members of the Barry, Hayes, Somers and/or Keen families and their associates had interests. Ships Dorothea, George Washington, Margaret, Emma, Superior and Tontine are particularly well represented. Of note is a “Memorandum relating to the Trade at Canton” in an unidentified hand, which describes business practices foreign traders face upon arrival in China (oversize volume).

Alienated enclosures and letters from unidentified persons, [c. 1800] –1879, and n. d.
Depositions, agreements, deeds, jury list, 1769-1857, and n.d.