This diverse collection brings together rare works published in America and collections of documents and personal papers from Americans, and about America.  Note this collection specifically excludes those works published in Pennsylvania and from Pennsylvanians; these works are included in the Pennsylvaniana collection.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.

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A collection of 13 notebooks filled with the manuscript writings of Annie L. Tuttle (nee Gribus), of New Haven, Connecticut dated between 1912-1920, filled with her poetry, short stories, songs, and recipes, along with a copy of sheet music for "The Quinnipiac River," a song she composed the lyrics to, and was published in 1912.  The subjects are largely domestic (nature, love, and children) but with timely references to automobiles, "aeroplanes," and suffragettes.  Digitization status: ongoing.
This set of materials documents the sinking of the USS Maine in 1898 and the memorials and remembrances of the event in popular culture, and consists of postcards, photographs, programs, and copies of published works.   Digitization status: ongoing.