This diverse collection brings together rare works published in America and collections of documents and personal papers from Americans, and about America.  Note this collection specifically excludes those works published in Pennsylvania and from Pennsylvanians; these works are included in the Pennsylvaniana collection.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.

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Includes price lists, trade catalogs, and advertising for United States businesses.  This collection also includes materials from Pennsylvania.
Magazines published in the United States.    See also the Dime Novel and Popular Literature Periodicals Collection.
This contains the autobiographical manuscript of Samuel Alanson Lane (1815-1905). From January in 1835 until May of the same year, Lane travels around the U.S., looking for work in numerous cities including, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland until finally settling in what would become his hometown, Akron, OH on June 29, 1835. S. A. Lane was a dedicated follower and professional lecturer of the American temperance movement as well as an avid supporter and political participant for th Republican Party, formed in 1854. Perhaps one of Lane's most interesting and daring pursuits, was his active participation in the mass emigration to California in search of fortune like many other easterners during the California Gold Rush which kept Lane from his home and family in Akron for over two years. This manuscript covers his life and contains many depictions of 19th century American frontier life. Digitization Status: Completed.
Marginalia, defined as text which is written in the margin of a book, can become of great interest to scholars if the "importance of the writer of the marginalia or the historic background to the annotations makes them of great significance." This book collection includes pages from the same editions that Herman Melville annotated, and is being developed in conjunction with scholars annotating those marginal inscriptions at the Melville's Marginalia Online project.
Manuscript poetry collection from Horace F. Tussey of Sapulpa Oklahoma from 1910- 1920: including titled poems: The Lobo; The Frontier School; Hospitality; The Lawrence Massacre; Bob White; Autumn; The Gardener; The Humming Bird; The Frontier Garden; The Prospector's Dream; The Rescue of Olive Oatman from the Apache Indian; The Grey Marauder; Country Dance; The Wild Turkey Pet; The Eagle; The Story of a Fierce Wolf and a Great Dog. Some poems are illustrated by Tussey. Digitization status: ongoing.
This collection contains personal papers, photographs, and documents of the extended Nagy family, residents of New Jersey . Containing much of interest to genealogists and family historians, and documenting local 19th century New Jersey life and social customs and views during the American Civil War, this collection has been digitally donated by the generosity of the Nagy family. Status: Project Completed.
This collection brings together uncollected stereograms published in the United States. 
This set brings together uncollected manuscripts, documents, forms, and other materials on the United States Civil War and on post-conflict veteran groups including the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR).   See also other collections. 
This collection brings together works from digitized collections on and by William Shakespeare.
This small collection includes documents related Isaac McConihe and family from Rensselaer County, New York.
A collection of 19th century lithographs by publishers Currier & Ives, N. Currier, D. W. Kellogg, E.B. and E.C. Kellogg & Co. as well as other miscellaneous artists featuring US presidents, candidates, and other notable figures.