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Villanova University's Digital Library initiative assembles, presents, and preserves digital collections that support the teaching and research of the campus and the global community of scholars. We work with faculty, staff and regional partners to select and develop resources that enhance access for a wide range of disciplines and audiences.

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Villanova University's Digital Library initiative assembles, presents, and preserves digital collections that support the teaching and research of the campus and the global community of scholars. We work with faculty, staff and regional partners to select and develop resources that enhance access for a wide range of disciplines and audiences.

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    This diverse collection brings together rare works published in America and collections of documents and personal papers from Americans, and about America.  Note this collection specifically excludes those works published in Pennsylvania and from Pennsylvanians; these works are included in the Pennsylvaniana collection.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.
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    The Autographed Book Collection at Villanova University contains many items related directly to the university.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.
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    This collection makes available digital content of Catholic materials including books, journals, papers, and manuscripts dealing with the Roman Catholic Church in general, and in particular works created or published in the Americas. Much of the digitalized content will come from physical works made available from our Digital Partners.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.
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    This collection includes works by members of the Augustinian Order, as well as resources by and about Saint Augustine of Hippo. For other works please see the Catholica Collection, the Manuscript Collection; for works by and about Gregor Mendel please see the Flora, Fauna, and the Human Form Collection.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.
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    An almost complete collection of limited editions of books and broadsides printed by the Cuala Press (formerly the Dun Emer Press). This Irish press published many important writers from the early twentieth century.  Digitization Status: Completed.
    Digitization note: Blank last leaf not digitized on most broadsides.
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    This collection brings together pre-Pulp era tales initially depicting scenes of early America, the Frontier, and the West. Ranging roughly from 1860 to 1930 these often serial publications record the attitudes of 19th and early 20th Century society: including racist, sexist, and ethnic stereotypes.  Also included in the collection are the precursors to "Dime Novels", known as "Story Papers", Mass Market Literature - containing non-fiction texts, some of which are manifested as textual series - in a variety of subjects - including "self-help" and "how-to" titles, and medical cures, and International Dime Novels - both translations of English language original texts, as well as native creations.  Digitization status: ongoing.
    Please note some of the items in this historical collection may include outdated language and imagery that is insensitive, offensive, or which does not reflect the current values of Villanova University.  No endorsement is implied.
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    Included here are biological and natural history studies depicting plant and animal forms, including works on herbs, insects, human physiognomy, genetics, and eugenics. This collection also includes works by and about Gregor Mendel.  Digitiation Status: Ongoing.
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    Founded in 1764, The German Society of Pennsylvania is America’s oldest German organization. Its Joseph P. Horner Memorial Library, housed in a beautiful 19th century reading room, holds one of the largest private collections of German-language books in the U.S. The German American Collection contains a wealth of material documenting all aspects of German American life, beginning with the first settlers in Germantown in 1683. In addition to books, the library houses sizable collections of 19th century Philadelphia German newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, and manuscripts. The online catalog can be viewed at:  For more information, please visit:  For finding aids to these collections, click here.
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    This collection brings together materials related to World War I and the immediate aftermath. It includes letters created by, sent to, and about Americans and American participation in the conflict as well as other materials from other fronts and belligerents. This collection includes: letters, drawings, photographs, artwork, scrapbooks, and postcards. See also: Joseph McGarrity Collection for additional Great War materials.
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    This collection consists of personal papers, books, and serials printed at the Roycrofter Press, and/or authored by Elbert G. Hubbard. Digitizaiton Status: Ongoing.
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    This is a collection of noteworthy digital images captured from the Villanova print collections and from digital and film photography.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.
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    This collection brings together materials owned by the Independence Seaport Museum.  Included are items that feature nautical related themes and the Barry-Hayes Papers with content from Commodore John Barry.
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    The collection of personal papers, books, and newspapers of Joseph McGarrity.Digitization Status: Ongoing.  See also the digitized Joseph McGarrity Papers, 1789-1971 available from the National Library of Ireland. 
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    The MacSwiney Club evolved from Camp 100, Clan-Na-Gael and was officially organized in Jenkintown in 1935 although minutes bearing the name go back to at least January 1926.  It was named in honor of Terence MacSwiney (1879-1920), Irish patriot, statesman, and martyr.  Originally located at 222 Old York Road, the club purchased its current facilities at 510 Greenwood Avenue from the Loyal Order of Moose, and moved there in 1946. For many years the MacSwiney Club was home to the Timoney Irish Dancers, and Irish music and dancing were regular events. 
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    Ancient and rare manuscripts from diverse sources.  Also includes other modern manuscript materials owned by Villanova University that are not collected elsewhere. Digitization Status: Ongoing.
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    The Museum of Nursing History, Inc. is committed to the preservation and exhibition of historical nursing memorabilia and to the education of the nursing community as well as the general public about nursing’s past. It is currently located in St. Benilde Tower of the former Germantown Dispensary and Hospital on the campus of La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA. For more information, please visit:
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    This collection contains national and regional newspapers and magazines. The focus here is on publications specifically focused on news; for more specialized periodicals, including literary weeklies and story papers, see the Periodicals section of the Dime Novel and Popular Literature collection. 
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    This collection contains materials published in Pennsylvania dealing with Pennsylvania history, biography of notable Pennsylvanians, Pennsylvania organizations and geography; and personal paper sub-collections including correspondence and ephemera of Pennsylvanians involved in the development of shorthand, in the American Civil War, and in Philadelphia's Main Line history.   This collection also includes health statistics related to Pennsylvanians.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.
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    The Philadelphia Ceili Group is devoted to the promotion and perpetuation of Irish music, dance and culture in Philadelphia and throughout the Greater Delaware Valley. Villanova University's Digital Library archives the music of the Group's past festivals and makes Irish song and dance freely available to the community in inline audio and video and downloadable formats.   

    The tape archives of the Philadelphia Ceili Group are significant in their documentation of traditional Irish and Irish American music. Performers include prominent members of the musical profession in Ireland and America. In addition to providing information on how such music is performed through the recording of concerts and festivals, the tapes of workshops and concerts document the connections between music in the old country and the new, and the development and transformation of traditional Irish playing styles in the transfer to the United States. The lectures given by historians and folklorists shed light on the history of the Irish in Ireland and America as well as on particular aspects of Irish culture. The tapes span the years 1977 – 1996. For more information, see the Inventory of The Philadelphia Ceili Group Tape Archives
    Digitization status: Ongoing
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    Here reside narratives of  wanderings real or imaginary, travel guides, charts, and maps.  Digitization Status: Ongoing.