APA Citation

Maigret, G., & Petri, H. (1624). Iconographia magni patris Aurelli Augustini: Hipponensis episcopi, et ecclesiae doctoris excellentissimi. Antwerp : Bolswert sculpsit et excudit.

MLA Citation

Maigret, George., and Hieronymus Petri. Iconographia Magni Patris Aurelli Augustini: Hipponensis Episcopi, Et Ecclesiae Doctoris Excellentissimi. Antwerp : Bolswert sculpsit et excudit, 1624.

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"Iconographia magni patris Aurelli Augustini : Hipponensis episcopi, et ecclesiae doctoris excellentissimi". Contributions from Augustinian Theologians and Scholars. Digital Library @ Villanova University. Date Accessed: 18 April 14, 12:35 AM.

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