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Full TitleCurious observations in that difficult part of chirurgery, relating to the teeth:
Author Allen, Charles.
Date Added 11 January 2014
Format Book
Language English
Publish Date 1687
Publisher Dublyn : Printed and are to be sold in London, by William Whitwood
Source McGarrity Books
Alternate Title shewing how to preserve the teeth and gums from all accidents they are subject to, as 1. An account of their nature, 2. Their alteration, with their proper remedies, 3. Their cause of corruption and putrefaction, 4. Directions for restoring or supplying the defect of them in old or young, 5. Considerations on the tooth ache, looseness of the teeth, the decay of the gums, with their remedies and restoratives, 6. The use of the polican or instrument wherewith, they are drawn on all occasions : lastly, teeth in children, what they are in the original, and how they come to perfection, in what order produced, the means to hasten them, and render them easie in breeding : to which is added, A physical discourse, wherein the reasons for the beating of the pulse, or pulsation of the arteries, together with those of the circulation of the blood are explained, and the opinions of several ancient and modern physicians and phylosophers, as Gallen, Gassendus, Cartesius, Lower, Willis, &c. upon this subject are examined.