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"Monthly organ of Indian independence."

World War One era, weekly periodical advocating "Fair Play for Germany and Austria-Hungary".
Began with v.1, Jan. 1810; ceased with v. 3, June 1811. XM AP4.H62
The Irish felon was a short-lived weekly Irish periodical that called itself the successor to the newspaper the United Irishman. It was published from: Vol. 1 No. 1 (June 24, 1848) - Vol. 1. No. 5 (July 22, 1848).

Here is the Irish Magazine and Monthly Asylum for Neglected Biography. (Vol. 1, Nov. 1st 1807- ). Varient titles: Irish Catholic magazine and monthly asylum for neglected biography. Irish magazine, or, monthly asylum for neglected biography.
The Irish Press was a weekly newspaper dedicated to Irish nationalism and to topics of interest to Irish-Americans. It was founded by Joseph McGarrity and published in Philadelphia from March 23, 1918 to May 6, 1922. Display and search depend on web browser:

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A short-lived weekly Irish periodical. It was published from: Vol. 1 No. 1 (June 10, 1848) - Vol. 1. No. 5 (July 8, 1848).
Continuing the long tradition of Irish wit and wisdom, The Lepracaun: Cartoon Monthly was begun in 1905 by Thomas Fitzpatrick. The Dublin Corporation and later the Parliamentary Party were targeted for humorous satire. It contained cartoons by Fitzpatrick and later his daughter Mary. Digitized content includes most issues from the first four volumes. Digitization status: complete.
Weekly Irish periodical, the United Irishman's run went from Vol. 1. No. 1 (February 12, 1848)- Vol. 1. No. 16 (May 27, 1848) it was succeeded by the Irish Felon. Title from caption, publisher from colophon.
Here are selected volumes and issues of this Irish political, social, and literary magazine.
World War One era periodical "published, under the editorship of George Sylvester Viereck, by 'Hilfverein deutscher frauen' ... organized for the purpose of aiding the needy children of ...soldiers in the German army."
Villanova copy missing issue nos. 64 & 66.
This newspaper - published in New York -
documents the struggles of Irish Americans - some issues are incomplete.
This 1922 weekly newspaper published was published in Dublin.  Digitization: complete for all held issues.
This was the local organ of the Clan-na-Gael in the Philadelphia region.   Contains local Philadelphia Irish news, adverts, editorial commentary, and news of Ireland.  Villanova owns: No. 2 July 4, 1902; Vol. 33 February 18, 1910; Vol. 24 February 24, 1912; Vol. 34 June 24, 1911; Vol. 25 February 22, 1913; Vol. 27 June 27, 1914; Vol. 28 November 21, 1914; Vol. 28 February 27, 1915; Volume 28 June 27, 1915; Vol. 29 June 25, 1916; Vol. 30 October 22, 1916; Vol. 30 July 4, 1917; Vol. 7 no. 9 March 1, 1918. 
This Belfast published literary journal was edited by Alice L. Milligan and covered the Irish Language revival news and commentary and fiction.  
A monthly Irish periodical, started in 1907.
A monthly review, devoted to national literature, arts, antiquities, ecclesiastical history, biography of illustrious Irishmen, and military memoirs.
Published in Berlin, Villanova owns issues from 1918.